suffocating on the shore.

I've been told once not to dwell on what I went through, after a couple seconds of thought I asked her, what happens to a building that's being failed by its foundation? A leader that forgets his followers? Independence that neglects its war heroes? Then masks its war scars? A child that rejects his mother?... Continue Reading →


I wonder

The beginning. And the End! He's.. God. What does He think? How! Does! His mind! Work? Still wondering.. how he deals with stressful days, does he feel them? How he feels the stress & rage Is it beneath Him? How he questions questions said, Yet the message is still un-embraced The heights religions made, Funding... Continue Reading →


My spirit rages over the silence of the powerful. Obsessed with the possibility But being stuck in the potential Its like, ..caging an opera singer You can still applaud her singing.. But don't understand that her message isn't metaphorical ..cutting Michael Angelo's wrists ..forcing Michael Phelps into a cubical Can you hear me? My passion... Continue Reading →

One of their own

Fourteen months ago, I was caught in between the choice to live entirely off of uncertainty and give into it or invest all I had known to be the circumstances that were liable in building my character and determination into a career that would hand me a platform to draw change into a part of... Continue Reading →

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